A short video on why doctors and patients making treatment decisions together is so important.



The six questions every kidney cancer patient should feel able to ask their doctor. A PDF we’re encouraging patients to print out and bring to their next appointment.

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Register for our landmark ’Talking Treatments’ webinar on World Kidney Cancer Day, 16 June. Clinicians, patients and caregivers will discuss how to talk about treatment options and will answer your questions.


We need to talk about treatment options

Clinicians and patients making treatment decisions together is best practice. When cancer treatment decisions are shared decisions, patients are more likely to stick with them, they feel their quality of life concerns have been heard and they understand why you are recommending a particular treatment plan.

However, global studies show that not enough kidney cancer clinicians and patients are talking about treatment options – particularly access to clinical trials. That’s why the theme for this year’s World Kidney Cancer Day is ‘We need to talk about treatment options’, and we want to help you be ready to have more and better conversations with your patients.

Better conversations lead to better patient relationships

Two things that are key to shared decision-making are open-ended questions and active listening.

Open-ended questions

Instead of asking yes or no questions, invite patients to answer in their own words. E.g. “What things are important to you while you’re on treatment?”. This can encourage patients to open up about their quality of life priorities, which are often as important in deciding which treatment is right for them as clinical data.

Active listening

Active listening involves paying complete attention, hearing more than is being said and resisting the temptation to interrupt or control the conversation. Body language is an important part of active listening as it conveys respect for what the other person is saying.

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There are many videos and papers available online that can help you have better conversations about treatment options with your patients. Here are just three:

  • A recent study of conversation and interview techniques in the medical world
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  • IKCC decision aids to help you talk to your patients about kidney cancer treatment options
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  • Information on clinical trials, including those currently recruiting
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