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When you have kidney cancer, life can feel overwhelming, stressful and lonely. Anxiety, depression, fear of recurrence or simply ‘not feeling right’ are almost universal. The 2018 IKCC Global Patient Survey showed 96% of patients experience psychosocial problems, but fewer than half ever talk about how they’re feeling with family, close friends, or health professionals.

The good news is that studies show that those who do open up about their emotions often feel better just by talking; conversations can also lead to simple lifestyle changes that improve emotional wellbeing; and talking about your psychosocial issues with a health professional can be a pathway to clinical support that can transform your kidney cancer journey. That’s why the theme for World Kidney Cancer Day 2021 is ‘We need to talk about how we’re feeling’.

Your Personalised Psychosocial Wellbeing Report

To help get patients talking about emotional wellbeing, the International Kidney Cancer Coalition (IKCC) has developed a Personalised Psychosocial Wellbeing Report. By answering nine simple questions you get a snapshot of your psychosocial wellbeing today with suggestions to help you feel better in the future. Click to create your personalised report today.

The impact of COVID-19

Isolation in lockdowns, loss of social support, increased financial stress and feeling extra vulnerable about your health have made this one of the hardest-ever years to be living with cancer. We strongly encourage everyone with kidney cancer to create your report, share it, print it out and make World Kidney Cancer Day on Thursday 17 June a day to raise awareness of psychosocial problems and start conversations with those close to you and your cancer care team.

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