We need to talk about living with kidney cancer.

We need to talk about

Maintaining Quality of Life

Patients and carers talk about nutrition, physical activity and psychosocial wellbeing.

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We need to talk about

Social Support

Patients and carers share experiences of talking with family, friends and patient support groups.

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Global Patient & Carer Symposium

15 June 2023

A panel of patients, carers and experts discuss physical and mental wellbeing when living with kidney cancer.

Our sincere thanks to National Kidney Foundation, KidneyCAN and Action Kidney Cancer for supplying video footage that appears in the campaign.

One challenge kidney cancer patients face is maintaining quality of life. World Kidney Cancer Day 2023 shares experiences and tips from patients and carers around the world that help support physical and mental wellbeing. Whatever your age, whatever your stage, we need to talk about living with kidney cancer.

Talking with family, friends and other patients

Being open with those around you about your cancer, how you’re feeling and what the future holds helps both mental and physical wellbeing. You can also  share experiences and tips with other patients via online or in-person patient support groups.

“You will find that people care and love you more than you ever thought.”

Joel. Patient. USA

Nutrition, physical activity and psychosocial wellbeing

Our kidneys regulate sugar, salt, fat, protein and more. When compromised by cancer, the right nutrition is essential both before and after surgery and with treatment side effects. Physical activity can improve treatment outcomes, whether it’s a short walk, climbing stairs or an activity such as yoga, tennis or swimming.

“It’s really important, for your body, your mind and your emotional health to get active.”

Mary. Patient. UK

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